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    Practice areas

    Business Law

    Business law is crucial for all businesses and corporations that are trying to operate, hire, and deal with stakeholders in different jurisdictions.

    Employment law.

    Employment law can be very complex and lead to many issues. Find employment contracts, NDAs, service agreement, Code of conduct, ESOPs...

    Trademark and IP

    Register your trademark and/or patent and make sure to protect everything you have built. Lawyers will assist you in choosing the best protection for you.


    Startups are complex structures that require specific support. From incorporation to shareholders agreement, to intellectual property up to venture capital funding. 

    Family Law

    If you are getting married, divorced, looking for alimony, or family allocations, consult experienced lawyers and get guidance on civil and Sharia'a law matters.

    Lawsuits & disputes

    Whether you are facing a litigation, an arbitration or any kind of lawsuit. If you are looking for excellent representation, contact experienced lawyers and get advice.

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